In 2022, Mapped was proud to present ORBIT, a premier audio-visual installation concepualised and produced by Mapped under pysudonym (Harsh Realities) as as part of Illuminate Adelaide 2022.

'A celebration of innovation, art, light, music and technology', Illuminate Adelaide is a major arts festival which runs throughout the month of July in various locations across the Adelaide CBD and beyond. Supported by the state government, the festival invites audiences to experience a program of free and ticketed events by local, national and international artists.

ORBIT is a landmark audio-visual display humming to the cycles of our solar system. Inviting audiences to experience a cacophony of cosmic sound inspired by the orbital cycles of our solar system, ORBIT is a ground breaking synergy of sound design paired with state of the art lighting effects.

This installation featured a dedicated soundtrack conceived and mastered by renowned Adelaide music producer Motez Obaidi, combined with a larger-than-life lighting rig housed in the infamous Gluttony MOA tent temporarily located in Tarntanyangga / Victoria Square in the heart of Adelaide's CBD.

This installation wowwed audiences 5 days per week over a 28 day period at a festival which saw over 1.2 million attendees in total in 2022. We were stoked to be part of the 2022 program which featured international creative studio heavyweights such as Ouchh Studio, Lucid Creates and Studio Irregular.


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