doppler shift —2021


doppler shift is a self contained structure shelter with gradient shading that incorporates immersive lighting and sound. the installation visualises the doppler effect in the visible light spectrum.

the doppler effect alters how a wave is perceived by an observer. as a light source moves fast enough toward an observer, they will experience a blue shift to the light. as the light moves away from the observer they will view the light with a red shift. this is much like the audible pitch change (eeeee-ooooo) when a car horn passes you on the street. the waves are moving with the origin, which causes a frequency change to the observer.

as you move through “doppler shift” you are encouraged to interact with the doppler effect and experience how the gentle shifts of light effect your perception of your surroundings.
as you remain stationary in the installation you can notice how the world moving around you changes as others pass. doppler shift offers a view of how waves move through space.

site specific installation - rcc 2021


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